Orthodontic Clinical Consultation

Orthodontic Clinical Consultation

Every so often, an orthodontist or dentist runs into a patient case that is particularly difficult to diagnose, tend to, or develop a treatment plan for. It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of. There isn’t a dental professional in the business who, at least once or twice, hasn’t run into a seemingly insurmountable orthodontic complication. 

There is nothing wrong with reaching out for help, no matter your level of expertise and experience; it’s simply the sign of a professional that keeps the well-being of their patients at the front of their minds. If there’s one thing that all orthodontists and dentists share, it’s the desire to provide their clients with care of the absolute highest quality. 

When did you last run into such an issue with the installation of braces or Invisalign®? Could you and your patient have used another perspective on the issue, in order to give you another perspective or more ideas for ways to go about treatment? Would metal braces be the ideal option, or clear ones? How about porcelain? Maybe Invisalign’s® clear aligners are the best way forward? 

Orthodontic technology has progressed so far, it can be difficult to tell which option will suit your patient and their needs the best. Dr. Saleh can help.

When it comes to the installation of both braces and Invisalign®, Dr. Al-Daghreer is a seasoned professional. He has gone through all of the trials and tribulations of orthodontic treatment and learned something new with every installation. A Diamond Invisalign® Provider, the fitting of orthodontic appliances has become his second nature. By drawing from his years of experience, Dr. Al-Daghreer can set you on the same road to expert-level orthodontic installation. 

As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one. Often the answer to a difficult orthodontic dilemma will be right under your nose, and a second pair of eyes will spot the problem straight away. Other times, the solution will need a brainstorming session between professionals who put their heads together for the sake of a patient.

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