Buy/Sell Consultation

Buy/Sell Consultation

The foundation of any successful orthodontic practice is its equipment. An orthodontist or dentist cannot set right the oral health of his or her patients without the proper instruments any more than a carpenter can construct a bookcase without a hammer.

There is a multitude of factors that any dental professional needs to consider before buying or selling a practice or equipment. Cost, potential obsolescence, and even location can all factor in. What is the going rate of a set of Bird Beak pliers? Should you buy a Panoramic Dental X-Ray machine brand-new, or used?  Is your practice judiciously situated? 

Regardless of an orthodontist’s level of expertise, questions of dental economics, technology, and culture can be perplexing ones indeed.

After several years in the orthodontic industry—a career that includes founding City Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, which he manages and practices out of today—Dr. Al-Daghreer​ has garnered first-hand experience with the exchange of orthodontic businesses and hardware. Along the way, he’s picked up the tools of the trade (literally and figuratively). He stands ready to pass on what he’s learned and guide his colleagues toward the same success he has worked for. 

A lifelong dental professional, Dr. Al-Daghreer​ understands orthodontists. He recognizes that his peers are the type who love to work with their hands, who love to keep abreast of the technological cutting edge, and who love to spend their time simply helping others. 

Like finding a carpenter’s ideal hammer, Dr. Al-Daghreer​ can advise you on the best equipment and where to find it. With those details taken care of, you can get back to doing what you love.

Buy/Sell Consultation

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It doesn’t matter if you are starting an orthodontic practice of your own or updating your office with the latest gear. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned orthodontic professional, Dr. Al-Daghreer​ can help you put your best foot forward. The journey toward an efficient and well-stocke